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Peter D Fisher - writer 

                 MA. BA (Hons). dip Phys.

My Books And Why I Write Them

I am currently working on my first non fiction book, but I also write novels, which I want to be page-turning works of literary fiction that are engaging, funny, but with enough inventiveness and emotional depth to appeal to the more intelligent reader. But I want more for my reader than this:


Many evolutionary scientists and thinkers believe that human beings are compelled by ancient, inappropriate instincts that evolved in a world very different to the one we have created for ourselves. This view raises profound and dreadful questions for humanity. It is these questions that fill me with passion, and drive me as a writer.


Whether reading my fiction, my non fiction or listening to my podcasts, I want my readers and listeners to revel in the wonder of discovery of little known scientific fact, to be awed by a challenging new vision of what it is to be human, and to shudder at its dark implications.