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Peter D Fisher - writer 

                 MA. BA (Hons). dip Phys.

The God Machine

When bereaved bookshop owner, John Harrison, falls asleep in bed at home in Kendal, he has no idea that when he awakes he will find himself naked on the beach of an island he's never seen before. The other people on the island have arrived in similar circumstances, and no one knows where they are. Something is very odd about the island: the technology is vastly more advanced than anything any of them have seen before. Everything they need for their long-term survival has been provided for them, but there is no means of escape. When a light aircraft lands on the island they find that they may be the very last people alive on earth, and they discover the island's dark and terrible secret, leading them to question the very nature of humanity itself. 

Please note: This book is not available to buy. If you think it should be and you are a literary agent, or you work in the mainstream literary industry, please contact me. But be warned, my novels are not like other books; they may challenge their readers' fundamental assumptions about what it is to be a human being. Invite a submission if you dare!