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Peter D Fisher - writer 

                 MA. BA (Hons). dip Phys.

Another Kind of Adam

With his prominent eyebrow ridges, oddly shaped head and unusually robust physique, thirteen-year-old Adam Keen, is a strange looking boy. But it isn't just his looks that are different. He gets himself into numerous scrapes, behaving in ways that his teachers and peers find inappropriate. The terrible truth emerges when Adam's DNA is sent for analysis: Adam has been cloned from a Neanderthal-like ancient human. The impact on Adam, his friends and his family is devastating and far reaching. The existence of another form of humanity among modern humans also profoundly challenges some of the fundamental assumptions that society makes about itself. (Another Kind of Adam has recently been retitled. It was previously called "Adam Neanderthal".)


Another Kind of Adam is: "a brilliant book which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's a cracking, engaging read." Deborah Swift author of The Lady's Slipper, The Gilded Lily and A Divided Inheritance.

Please note: This book is not available to buy. If you think it should be and you are a literary agent, or you work in the mainstream literary industry, please contact me. But be warned, my novels are not like other books; they may challenge their readers' fundamental assumptions about what it is to be a human being. Invite a submission if you dare!